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Writing It Down Is Important!

Writing It Down Is Important!

Parrots are known for their longevity. In many instances, parrots have been companions to an owner for a considerable number of years. Unfortunately, some of these wonderful birds arrive at our Sanctuary because of an owner’s illness; aging and no longer being able to maintain a pet; or, the owner’s death. Someone close to that person is then faced with decisions regarding the parrot’s future.

Too often we see parrots arriving at our Sanctuary with no written documentation. Important facts in the adoption and re-homing process include:

  • Date the parrot was born
  • Breeder’s name or where/when the parrot was acquired
  • Name and sex of the parrot
  • Veterinary records for the parrot
  • Parrot’s diet and favorite foods
  • Any of the owner’s desires for disposition of a prized and often expensive pet

A parrot’s history doesn’t have to be contained in lengthy written records. However we encourage parrot owners without a file to start one now! Gather the information you have; write it down; and, store the pet’s records in one place. Most importantly, tell someone close to you where that information is located. Parrot owners can also articulate their disposition wishes in a will.

As a final note, keeping the parrot with its familiar cage, feed bowls and toys is also an important part of the re-homing process. If relinquishing is the chosen option, then it is highly recommended that these items accompany the bird. These items will also be important for the parrot’s adoption and transition into a new home environment.

Signing Off,
Darlene Braastad, Sanctuary Director

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