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Parrot Adoptees!

Our Sanctuary has a variety of parrots that can be adopted. By their very nature, parrots require attention to bond with their owner; a proper cage environment; room to exercise their wings; toys to keep them interested and challenged; and a healthy diet with a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and high quality pellets. Please call Darlene at 520 574-3579 to discuss our Sanctuary’s parrot adoptees.

Senegal Parrots. Our Sanctuary has two male Senegal parrots ready for adoption. “Sydney” and “Lupe” both need permanent homes.  Senegal parrots are colorful and of medium size. They are very popular as pets.  Our Sanctuary is asking $250 for each parrot.  A cage is included with each adoption. These parrots can be adopted individually.

One of our Senegal parrots up for adoption.

A Colorful Pair,  For Sure!  “Oscar & Felix” are a companion pair and must be adopted together.  The beautiful colored parrot is a Sun Conure,  also called a “Sun Parakeet.”  His smaller companion is a Blue Parakeet.  The Sanctuary is asking a $250 adoption fee which includes the pair,  plus their cage.


Meet some colorful friends!

A Patagonian Conure. This Patagonian Conure is one of the more unusual parrots coming through our Sanctuary.  The common name for the Patagonian Conure is the “Burrowing Parrot.” These conures are social birds and want attention and social interaction.  This is a female,  and the adoption fee is $500, and includes her cage.

A Patagonian Conure up for adoption.


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