Domestic Fowl

RoosterDomestic fowl include chickens, domestic ducks, geese, pheasants, peafowl, turkeys, and others. The most common reasons for relinquishing domestic fowl to a sanctuary include growth from “cute” to adult stage, outgrowing living spaces, nuisance to neighbors, violations of zoning and homeowners association restrictions, death of an owner, moving out of the area.

Our Sanctuary also intakes pigeons, starlings, and English sparrows that are discovered in nature as being sick, injured, or orphaned. These categories of “wild” birds are available for adoption; release back into the wild is also a Sanctuary goal.

Services Provided for Domestic Fowl


We are always available to advise owners in their attempts to recapture an escaped domestic fowl. Depending on the situation and geographic location, our Sanctuary can, on occasion, provide assistance in the recapture process.


Our Sanctuary can accept domestic fowl that are intended to be permanently relinquished by the owner. Sanctuary decisions to re-home are on a space available basis. The Sanctuary also reserves the right to evaluate any domestic fowl for diseases.


Many of our domestic fowl that have been relinquished are eligible for adoption. This involves both an interview and adoption process. Please view our page on Adoption for more information, including an application form.

There is an adoption fee for each domestic fowl. This fee is determined on a case-by-base basis.

For additional information, please contact us.