General Volunteer Requirements

Chick in hands.Volunteer effort is critical our Sanctuary’s success and well-being of the birds and mammals we support.

As a non-profit organization, the Forever Wild Avian Sanctuary is always looking for new volunteers and is most grateful to volunteers who have devoted their time and energy to our Sanctuary. Prior experience working around parrots and other small domestic animals is not necessary. The Sanctuary will train you!

Why Volunteer?

Working as a volunteer at the Sanctuary is an opportunity for close contact with a wide variety of birds, domestic fowl, and other domestic species. It is an opportunity to learn about characteristics of each species, as well as their diets, diseases, and causes for them to be re-homed. It is also an opportunity to learn best handling practices, as well as appropriate diets and feeding techniques. For young people thinking of a career in the veterinary sciences, our Sanctuary experiences have proven to be invaluable.

Volunteer Expectations

The following is expected of all volunteers:

  • If a child is 12 or under and wants to volunteer, a parent must accompany that child during his/her volunteer hours.
  • For an individual’s personal safety, an up-to-date tetanus shot is required. The Sanctuary will ask for proof of this immunization. Also, for personal safety reasons, volunteers working onsite must wear close-toed shoes, minimum jewelry, and unscented body products.
  • Volunteers must have their own transportation to and from the Sanctuary, as no public transportation is available.

Ready to Volunteer?

If you are ready to volunteer, learn more about our volunteer opportunities and complete our volunteer interest form.