Wildlife Emergencies

If you have a wildlife emergency, use these resources to help determine what to do. Otherwise, please contact the Arizona Game and Fish Department in Tucson at (520) 388-4446 or (520) 628-5376 or call the Tucson Wildlife Hotline at (520) 903-1104 for assistance.

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In General
Information on who to contact in a wildlife emergency, including hummingbird rescues, as well as reptiles or amphibians.

Abandoned or Orphaned
How to determine if wildlife is in real need of rescue and rehabilitation before attempting to capture it and a note on the risk of pets and children to wild animals.

Sick or Injured
If wildlife appears thin, weak, or injured, it should be rescued and delivered to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Rescue and Transportation
The steps for rescuing and transporting wildlife.

Nuisance or Threat to Human Safety
Wildlife rehabilitators are not allowed to capture and/or relocate wildlife considered a nuisance or threat to human safety. Here are some resources to help with those issues.

How to Prevent Orphans
Ways in which we can try and prevent disturbance to and destruction of wildlife homes.